P1 Diana Dudziak
Dissemination of TLR-activated DC subsets determines early and late T cell stimulation events and the outcome of protective immune responses
P2 Dirk Mielenz
Molecular control of antigen presentation and cell migration during adaptive immunity
P3 Alexander Steinkasserer
Role of aryl hydrocarbon receptor for the induction of tolerogenic DCs
P4 Anja Lux
Regulation of immune complex-mediated DC-dependent immune responses by DCIR
P5 Gerhard Krönke
Metabolic reprogramming of DCs during the maintenance of tolerance
P6 Anika Grüneboom (née Klingberg)
Effect of the metabolite itaconate on T cell activation and immune tolerance
P7 Roland Lang
Tuning of adaptive immune responses by TNFα at the level of C-type lectin receptor expression
P8 Dimitrios Mougiakakos
Glycolytic flux as a checkpoint of Th1 differentiation
P9 David Vöhringer
Role of TSLP-activated DCs in CD8+ T cell-mediated atopic dermatitis
P10 Udo Gaipl
Role of TNFRSF14 in radiation-induced T cell-mediated anti-tumor responses
P11 Kai Hildner
BATF as a transcriptional checkpoint of intestinal tissue-resident memory (TRM) T cell differentiation
P12 Lars Nitschke
The role of Siglec-10 and DNAse1 mutations in SLE
P13 Thomas Winkler
Signaling circuits involved in affinity maturation of germinal center B cells
P14 Hans-Martin Jäck
Fine-tuning terminal plasma cell maturation by long non-coding RNAs
P15 Aline Bozec
Hypoxia-induced Factor 1a (HIF-1α), a molecular switch to control plasma cell homeostasis
P16 Stefan Wirtz
The role of the transcription factor interferon-regulated factor 1 (IRF-1) for intestinal B cell homeostasis
P17 Ulrike Steffen (née Harre)
Fc sialylation-mediated fine-tuning of IgA effector functions