GRK2599 Minisymposium
B Cells and Beyond

Sept 15- 16, 2022
Hörsaal Zahnklinik
Glückstrasse 11

The Symposium “B cells and beyond” organized by the DFG-funded Research Training Group 2599 FAIR – Fine-tuners of the adaptive immune response, highlights new findings in novel factors and signaling pathways that fine-tune the adaptive immune system. Lectures are open to the public, and we cordially invite all interested parties to join.

Registration for the symposium and party at the Entles Keller  is required



The Concept of the GRK2599

The goal of the proposed Research Training Group (RTG) 2599 is to establish an internationally competitive research and training program to promote young scientists and medical students in the field of immunology. The individual research projects will use genome-wide transcriptome analysis, modern imaging techniques, transgenic mouse technologies and CRISPR-mediated genome editing to identify and characterize new fine-tuners of adaptive immune responses and immune memory.

To reach our goal, we have

  • recruited 17 internationally recognized investigators with expertise in the field of adaptive immunity
  • developed innovative training programs for
    • Dr. rer. nat. candidates with a master’s degree
    • medical students
  • established a fast-track program that will lead six fellows with a bachelor’s degree to a Dr. rer. nat. degree without the need to obtain a master’s degree
  • installed a mentoring program with a three-member thesis advisory committee

We are convinced that our innovative training and research concept with hypothesis-driven projects will better prepare our doctoral candidates for a professional post-graduate career as an immunologist and will help them

  • to develop into critically thinking scientists,
  • to complete their thesis in 3-4 years, and
  • to build an international network.