Target groups

  • Fast-track candidates with a bachelor’s in Life Sciences (Cohort Fast-Track”)
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    • Positions for six candidates with a bachelor’s degree
    • After a one-year qualification phase, the fast-track candidates will start as regular Dr. rer. nat. candidates in the second cohort of Dr. rer. nat. candidates on January 1, 2024.
    • Overview – Program (PDF)
  • FAU medical students (Dr. med. cohort) – APPLICATION is closed
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    • 18-month doctoral program with eight months laboratory for two rounds of medical students with 6 RTG-supported positions
    • Recruitment before the “Physikum,” Start after Physikum
    • Candidates must take off one semester and spend at least eight months in the laboratory
    • Overview – Program (PDF)
  • Candidates with a master’s degree in Life Sciences (Dr. rer. nat. cohort)
    Recruitment has ended

    • Positions for 17 RTG-supported and five associated Dr. rer. nat. candidates with a Master’s in Life Sciences
    • Start date is January 1, 2021


  • Dr. rer. nat. candidates with a bachelor’s degree (Fast-Track program) – Apply Online Now
  • Dr. med. candidates – Apply Online Now
  • Dr. rer. nat. candidates with a master’s degree – Application Closed